Pros And Cons Of Illegal Drugs

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The use of illegal drugs is most often perceived by society as purely negative. As in, individuals who partake in the illegal activity and are caught deserve to be punished and serve their time in jail. Now, this solution may aid in keeping criminals away from society for the time they are serving but it does not help dramatically reduce the likelihood that these individuals will relapse into their drug addiction once they are out. Drug and substance abuse should be perceived as public health and safety crisis rather than a moral dilemma. Therefore, the criminal justice system needs to implement a treatment program that goes along with a drug user’s jail time to increase the chances that they will become actual functioning and contributing members of society. To be more specific, incarceration for crimes relating to drug or drug-use currently, “account[s] for more than half of all the charges levied against prisoners” (Dual Diagnosis). It is obvious that the punishment of mandatory sentencing does nothing to benefit drug users or the society they re-enter into as this statistic proves to be re-occurring every year. Instead, the goal of the criminal justice system and federal prisons should be mandatory supervised rehabilitation and treatment of individuals with their drug addiction, a required vocational based treatment program that goes along with their jail sentence time, and after sentence programs and checkups. All which would be mandated by a drug court system

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