Pros And Cons Of New York's Speeding Fine System

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I think that the New York's speeding fine system could be more fair if the people in New York knew what they have to pay, before they get the ticket. In Massachusetts, if someone goes from 1-10 miles over, they know they are paying $100. But in New York, if they go from 1-10 over, they can pay anywhere between $45 and $150. This would make people feel angry because they might have only gone 12 miles over, but have to pay $150. Also, if people in Massachusetts go from 11-30 over, they pay $100, plus $10 for every mile they go over. This also gives the people in massachusetts the responsibility for the price of their ticket. If someone goes 11-30 miles over in New York, they pay between $90 and $300. It's good to use the data from the charts

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