Pros And Cons Of President Andrew Jackson

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On October 20, 2017, president Andrew Jackson is brought in court. He is tried for crimes against humanity. The prosecution claims that Jackson had caused the death 4000 Indians on the Trail of Tears. Defense claims their client is innocent. They say that Andrew Jackson was helping the country and that America should keep the land. He fought for the greater good of America. He made America for what is its today. They claim Jackson was helping America by opposing the National Bank. For prosecution, Chief Osceola, Howard Zinn, Theodore Frelinghuysen and John Marshall will be speaking in court. Robert Remini, John Ridge, Martin Van Buren, and Andrew Jackson will be testifying in court. With all the facts and claims set out, we they will deliberate the outcome for Mr. Andrew Jackson. Prosecution started with our 1st witness, Chief Osceola. He was born in Alabama. He is the leader of the Seminole Indians in Florida. The direct questioning began with the Indian Removal Act. Chief Osceola says that the Indians were forced to move out of their territory. It was the Americans who forced the tribe to move west. The land in west was a terrible area to build a tribe. Billy was his other name, helped fight against American to try to save their land. Eventually he was put in prison. Their tribe was filled with tons of culture. They ran their culture like the Christian government. They had their society just like the American constitution. The Seminole were willing to work out a
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