Pros And Cons Of Prison Overcrowding

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Prison overcrowding has been seen as a small issue in the eyes of big news organization however the problem may be breaking through your door soon enough. Many citizens have pushed several proposals on how to solve this problem but the state and federal government have denied all of these responses and have instead either freed criminals or have kept them as they were. Those who try and tackle problems like these often give up due to the fact that even more time and money may be needed to solve their wasteful solutions. Incentive programs such as work release and community service have only blinded law abiding citizens from the truth, that the government will not due what is necessary to de-escalate overcrowding in prisons. It is no wonder why overcrowding has escalated to this point, prisoners themselves live with no worries and often get into trouble because they know what luxuries await them on the other side of the justice system. Imagine as a homeless person or a bankrupted citizen; for only a class one felony, can live in a 10X10 apartment, get three hot meals a day, have a free gym membership and other basic needs like TV, live radio broadcasting, and an endless library. Gone are the days of harsh punishments and 4X4 walls with nothing but a toilet, in are the luxurious hotels where criminals can chat and enjoy a decent living. We should go further and move them all into five major correctional facilities based on their time zone so they can develop better

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