Pros Of Raising Minimum Wage

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Minimum wage is the lowest hourly, monthly and daily salary that employers pay workers that is permitted by the law. Minimum wage can and is affecting different income earning. Minimum wage is based on the cost of living from the prior year. Raising minimum wage will benefit about 25 million workers across the country. The life of many americans is a day-to-day repeat. We wake up, prepare for our day, and off to our minimum wage jobs that never seems to pay enough for our living needs. No matter how hard he/she may work the pay remains the same. Many things needs to change in America and one of them being people time only being worth $10.50 an hour.
It would be the most logical that hard working Americans that spend all day, day-to-day at there jobs would be advanced, however in most cases its the opposite, no matter the effort or amount of time that goes into a daily job, the workers are making minimum wage and are fighting to make ends meet in this cureent economic state. It is closer to impossible for alot of families to survive without living pay check to pay check, like most do. There is a simple fix for this particular problem, raise the minimum wage. While raising minimum wage will cause some controversey in this economy,a raise in this wage will help benefit all facets of the economy and the people who work and support it. So allowing a higher higher spending limit of people and ultimately boosting the economic welfare of america. This fix will solve more problems

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