Pros and Cons of Spartan Culture

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PROS 1st- A positive aspect of the Spartan Code was the idea to train their young beginning at a young age, by giving power to the state to control the youth. This allowed many of the children to have an equal opportunity in the situation given although they did not have many options. They could all be taught the same concepts, and this would create more unity among the people which was very important, although the method by which they took action upon this was somewhat controversial. 2nd- A very beneficial act to society was the idea of teaching lessons by experience and hands on activities. An example is the action of showing their soldiers that drinking was something that should be compelled, by showing what it can …show more content…

The statement of equality was only limited to a small population of 'regular children, ' and showed to be very unfair to the rest of the population. This same method of injustice was used as the poorer classes of the Spartan culture had no rights as individuals in political issues. The general message can be stated, 'practice what you preach. ' 3rd- The value of women as

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