Protecting The Innocence By F. D. Salinger

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Rigoberto Nunez
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26 April 2015
Protecting the Innocence; An Overview of The Catcher in the Rye During the nineteen fifties, as the population of the United States hurdled in a whirlpool of amiss, a writer sought to conserve innocence as teenagers move into adulthood. The change from their teenage years to adulthood made them question religion, friendships, and fate. J. D. Salinger saw this as a potential pitfall for teens; therefore, he adopts a unique writing style to which they can relate to. Sol and Miriam Salinger’s son, Jerome David Salinger, was born on January 1st, 1919 in New York (“Salinger”). Supported by her Jewish husband, a successful meat and cheese importer, Miriam was able to raise Salinger and his two older siblings in the fashionable apartment district of upper Manhattan (French). In 1934 Salinger attended Valley Forge Military academy, where he grasped literature and began writing short stories (French). In spite of later being drafted to be in the military during World War II, Salinger wrote numerous works which inspired the lives of countless Americans. Through his use of point of view, characterization, and symbolism, Salinger aims towards conserving teenagers’ innocence as they move into adulthood in The Catcher in the Rye.
Holden, the teenage protagonist of the novel, experiences an ongoing battle with the adult world and the cruelty associated with it. Holden respects those who represent or protect innocence, and is…
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