Protection Vs. Privacy : The Government 's Use Of Surveillance

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Protection vs. Privacy: The Government’s Use of Surveillance Since the industrial revolution, society has continued to grow larger, and more interconnected than ever before. Aiding in this process has been the advancement of technology and ideas. With the extensive advancement of technology, an equally sizable debate on its ethical implications has developed. In recent years an ethical dilemma has arose pertaining to the use of government surveillance. While the increased surveillance of citizens by the government is beneficial to the safety of society, the government might infringe on citizen privacy rights. It is obvious that the extensive government surveillance can aid in the protection of citizens. Since September 11th, 2001, the threat of terrorism has been widespread and very real. Terrorists, both at home and abroad, constantly use the internet to gain intelligence, purchase weapons with intention to cause harm, and communicate. With the current election season in full swing, the candidates have been asked if they would use surveillance to assist law enforcement in stopping terror especially in the wake of the events in San Bernardino and Orlando. Both candidates have expressed they would use whatever technology available and within the law to stop terrorism before it can start. Recent terrorism has hit very close to home for myself. Having been born and raised in the Saint Cloud area, the recent attacks at the Saint Cloud shopping mall added a new perspective
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