Psychoanalytical Study of "A Streetcar Named Desire" Essays

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Was Tennessee Williams a psychoanalyst too?

A crítica psicanalítica, em outras palavras, pode ir além da caça aos símbolos fálicos; ela nos pode dizer alguma coisa sobre a maneira pela qual os textos literários se formam, e revelar alguma coisa sobre o significado dessa formação. EAGLETON (1994: 192)

It is very debatable nowadays how much psychology can influence an author or how much the author's psychological features can influence his work.

The creation of a character demands different kinds of information and the most important part of this process happens when the psychological aspects of the character are put together to meet his life history up to that moment when the story
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They are usually detached from this reality and frequently believe they are someone else. Could we say, then, that all artists are schizos? What I mean is, to be able to create new stories, without any trace of their own subjectivity in them, an artist would have to be at least a little psychotic. And that is something I would not say about Williams. Actually, it is well known that he had some major psychological problems, but it is quite clear in his play - A Streetcar Named Desire - that he was intentionally writing about himself and some of his relatives too.

When A Streetcar Named Desire is read by someone who knows something about Williams' life, it becomes quite an easy task to find similarities between his life and the characters in the play. Some of these similarities are:

<li> Tennessee Williams had a sister who collapsed psychologically and had to be admitted to a psychiatric hospital, and this fact made him feel guilty about having abandoned her.
<li> Stella, in the play, also feels guilty about abandoning her sister, Blanche, when a doctor is called at the end of the play, and he takes her to a psychiatric hospital.
<li> Williams' grandparents came from a declining aristocratic background.
<li> Again, in the play, it is associated with Stella and

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