Psychokinesis Research Papers

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Preston Wuebker
Mrs. Hoffman
December 12, 2016
Almost a century ago, there was this pioneer researcher named J. B. Rhine. He was investigating ESP or so called Esper, and it is where someone can sense things, not physically, but mentally. He then got side tracked when a gambler came into his lab and told him that they could roll a pair of dice and the dice would land in their favor. Rhine then was inspired by the thought and began investigating and experimenting multiple types of Psychokinesis. Psychokinesis is the movement of objects without physical touch but only by the sense of matter. There are many different types of psychokinesis. Such as, telekinesis (control of movement over physical matter), pyrokinesis (control over fire), aerokinesis (control over air), hydrokinesis (control over water), and photokinesis (control over light). These traits have not been proven still to this day and scientists have been trying to find someone that can move something just as small as a feather besides by blowing across the object. Teenagers, at puberty, seem to express an interest in developing telekinesis sometimes linked with other psychic interests. These might include telepathy, a feeling of not being from this planet or a connection with aliens, and poltergeist activity linked to telekinetic activity. Some teenagers move on with channeling through Ouija boards - automatic writing, or other forms of psychic connections. It is all about power and the return of one's powers. There have
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