Psychological Breakdown Of The Stanford Prison Experiment Essay

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tudied and observed and their behavior was measured with several methods. The results that the researchers found were fascinating. A breakdown of ethics and moral were almost instantaneous. The group with the power would come to abuse it and the group who had had their power taken away had become docile and submissive. The researchers concluded that the penal systems a whole was flawed in its ways of action and application of the treatment of its inmates and in the training of its guards. They also concluded that the psychology breakdown in this confined and control experiment was crucial in understanding the human psyche and how it handles certain situations. PSYCHOLOGICAL BREAKDOWN IN THE STANFORD PRISON EXPERIMENT 3 The article on the Stanford Prison Experiment titled, A Study of Prisoners and Guards in a Simulated Prison and written by the Office of Naval Research, provides us with the overall information that deals with this controversial psychological study. The study was conducted by Doctors Craig Haney, Curtis Banks and headed by Doctor Phillip Zimbardo. This article provides in detail the initial purpose for this study, its participants, the nature of the study, the events that transpired during the experiment and of its results. With this article we are provided with a clear picture of the events that had transpired during the experiment and provides some insight into why the events may have occurred. At the time the Office of Naval Research had

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