Psychological Effects Of The Vietnam War Analysis

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Veterans should be recognized and treated with respect, that is the minimum we can do for serving this country but it is not what they receive. Veterans do not receive all the help they need, financially and health wise. Yes, they receive some help but it is not enough. In the article "The Psychological Effects of the Vietnam War" by Josh Hochesang, Tracye Lawyer, Toby Stevenson it talks about how veterans have been affected physically, mentally and emotionally and have received the help needed but not everyone, yet there are out there struggling getting back to society. The war affects them mentally, after all they have been though out in combat, all that traumatizes them. There are mental illnesses that do not appear until years later, and…show more content…
PTSD affects the veterans mentally but had now been acknowledged until years of studies behind it. "Unfortunately, PTSD had a delayed stress reaction so most veterans did not experience their symptoms until a year after they were discharged." However, today it has been well aware of and has been studied so those affected by it can receive help needed. As mentioned before, PTSD is known to affect veterans a year later. "41 percent - more than 1 million - report having outbursts of anger, and 45 percent have relationship problems with their spouse or partner. Both are indicators of post-traumatic stress and could suggest that rates of affliction may be higher than the government has forecast." In conclusion PTSD does not only affect them but there loved ones too because they change emotionally with them…show more content…
The people in society would not believe those who would talk about this illness until studies had been done and looked more into depth. "It seemed as though the federal government wanted to place veterans at a disadvantage to those that did not go to war as administrations cut off veterans' preferences in the civil service, and the education benefits given to them contained less than half of the benefits of the GI bill of WWII." After, a while veterans have received the help they need to be able to go on about their lives. "Despite the backlog, he emphasized that this generation of veterans has been provided benefits, including college tuition reimbursement through the G.I. Bill and free health care, 'in ways that didn't happen after Vietnam.'" Veterans still argue that they are still fighting to get the coverage they need and are still out struggling to find a job and be able to fit back into
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