Psychopathology And Culture : The Epidemic Of Eating Disorders

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Psychopathology and Culture: The Epidemic of Eating Disorders
By: Bernadette Oldfield
Dr. Van Arsdale
Abnormal Psychology
6 May 2015

Throughout cultures, mental disorders vary immensely. In some cultures, certain disorders are considered taboo and not even recognized, in other cultures, the treatment of certain disorders varies, but the biggest thing that is different, is how certain disorders effect certain cultures and races less or more than others. This is something that happens in many disorders, but is always interesting to see why this happens. Does this happen because of media, because of society, or another reason? Numerous studies have been done to see how the prevalence of eating disorders varies among different ethnic groups. Although it is most commonly perceived that Western Europeans and North Americans suffer the most from eating disorders , however body disapproval is not just a problem among European culture, it is a problem among other cultures, specifically Hispanic women who are living as an ethnic minority in America. One’s research could end right there, but why is this? What other differences are there? Are there differences between what types of eating disorders the different cultures have and why they have the disorder? The answer is yes, in fact there are many differences that make the cultural aspect of eating disorders that much more in-depth and interesting. In a study done by Dr. Marques, the results showed that…
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