Psychotherapeutic Agent Essay

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Define psychotherapeutic agents. Briefly describe conditions that psychotherapeutiv agents are used to treat.
Psychotherapeutic agents are used to treat psychosis by altering mood and behavior. Each type of psychotherapeutic agent act differently but they can affect the mind through receptor block, by inhibition of transporters and ect. The significant role of psychotherapeutic agents in the effective treatment of mental illness is largely dependent on the disorder for that they are largely prescribed. In some cases where mental illness is biological, such as bipolar disorder or schizophrenia, pharmaceutical therapy with psychotherapeutic drugs is used as a primary form of treatment. In other cases, like in dissociative disorder or personality
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Using psychotherapeutic agents on older adults put them more at risk because they may have physical symptoms such as dry mouth, headache, etc. somatic complications which may lead to conditions that seriously impair the patient's health, such as tardive dyskinesia or choleostatic jaundice, behavioral toxicity, noxious modifications of the patient's behavior as the serious result of the drug's action, psycho-motor retardation, drug-dependence, etc. Compliance problems, i.e. unreliable or irregular adherence to the drug prescribed regime by the patient. Restriction of the patient's learning capacity, that may represent an obstacle to the application of treatment modalities, e.g. to the patient's social re-adaptation or behavior modification. With psychotherapy, Psychodynamic interference, e.g. by diminishing the patient's motivation in order to pursue this kind of treatment or by disturbing the structure of his defenses. Reducing the physicians' therapeutic efficacy if he or she relies on psychotropic agents exclusively. The nursing measures to implement when working with these patients and include the rationale for each measure are to monitor in close observation and report each and every medical improvement and its related complication with their concerned doctor immediately. The nurse should provide the medicine and get the lab test and its results in a timely manner without any delay under any conditions, situations and
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