Pt1420 Unit 6 Paper

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Before a participation process can be designed and implemented, one must determine if there is a problem to begin with. I would argue the need for judgment links to tyranny. The person setting the table for a potential process has control over how the problem is framed and if there is a problem to begin with. Perhaps the public needs to be involved in even the planning process of ‘the process’ itself? Could this look like a group of stakeholders? If the goal is to create a horizontal, people controlled system of decision-making? A compromise that deals with the challenge articulated above is some form of power devolution. It’s not an invitation to have too ‘many cooks in the kitchen’; rather devolution promotes the decentralization of power and decision-making. The creation of public action unites in neighborhoods or “delineated ecosystems habits” addresses the need to get the public involved and may increase the perceived legitimacy and hope that the community could actually effect change. All of this exists within the context of the state and under guidelines to support accountability.…show more content…
At what point would these groups cross from being local community groups to simply another level of government? And would that render the goal of the process ineffective? Would this lengthen the feedback
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