Public Outcry and Acceptance to Darwin's theory of Evolution

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On Thursday 24 November 1859, Charles Darwin published and made available to the western world his magnum opus, On the Origin of Species, a compilation of some twenty plus years of research regarding the human biology and its advancement. Darwin proposed in Origins that all life slowly evolved, biologically mutated over a period of time, to its present day form. Expanding on prior research in the field of genetics, Darwin theorized a "survival of the fittest" complex which forced basic animals to evolve new advanced traits to survive in their respective environments, in the process theorizing that humans also evolved from lesser creatures. Darwin's theory of evolution was meet with critical response, mainly negative, at the time of its…show more content…
Despite such attacks on the premise of evolution, many readers of Darwin's theory rose in defense of the subject. Evolution discredited due to it lacking presentable physical evidence was rebutted in the form of recalling previous theories, once thought illegitimate because of lack of evidence, such as the Heliocentric theory, or the theory of the law of attraction of gravity, these theories, while initially difficult to prove nonetheless turned out to be completely factual (The Religious Aspect of Darwinism 1). Also drawing from this rebuttal, defenders of evolution could easily questioned why one would choose to believe in the word of the bible, despite also having no presentable evidence and even more eccentric tales, than that of evolution. One could not readily attack evolution based on arguments of lacking proper evidence and evolution relying solely on hypothetical means, without being a hypocrite to their own creeds. It seemed that rather than solid rebuttal to the theory of evolution, initial negative responses were relying on biased attacks, likely inspired by personal disapproval of the theory. Published in the Milwaukee Sentential, was a letter representing defenders of Darwin, which stated, "he [attackers to Darwin] avows and recognizes the all prevalent sentiments of truth...swayed by an Omnipotent power which defies analysis and passes
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