Public Radio Has Maintained A Legacy

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For decades, National Public Radio has maintained a legacy as a successful worldwide news organization. However, the news produced tends to be consumed mainly by an older audience. It has a reputation among millennials as one of the less entertaining news outlets. It is essential for news to be exciting in order to capture the attention of this millennial audience, and NPR tends to lack the excitement value it needs to fully reach this massive demographic. In order for the station to better attract and maintain millennial readers, viewers and listeners, the organization needs to cater to their lifestyle habits and preferences. In a constantly changing and developing world, NPR needs to be ahead of the game in technological advancements.…show more content…
Therefore, the personality of its journalism concludes news from reputable independent sources such as American Public Media, Public Radio International and Public Radio Exchange. NPR states that it is proud of the audience that it has obtained, which is evident in statistics regarding audience demographics.
In addition to audience and personality of the station, as their organization has grown, NPR has evolved to keep up with new digital forms of reporting. NPR launched the NPR News app in August 2009 and it shortly became one of the top free apps on both iPhone and Android marketplaces. NPR Politics Podcast is currently the tenth the most popular iTunes podcasts in the United States. NPR also launched the NPR Music app in November 2007, which presents free online music programming. Music is selected by editorial choice to create a new musical experience for listeners. The app offers live concert webcasts, reviews, music lists, news, studio sessions and interviews. was also revamped in the summer of 2009 in order to bridge the on-air and online experiences. These changes are steps in the right direction for the organization, however, they would still benefit from further changes in order to attract a millennial audience.
Since the inception of the Internet, NPR has expanded as it has moved toward online outlets such as websites and podcasts, rather than solely radio broadcasting. This has been a positive

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