Public Shunning Research Paper

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Jared Fogle Public shunning is the act of persistently rejecting and ostracizing someone for their actions. It was a common occurrence during the Puritan times, and it affected the outcasts and the loved ones of the outcasts. Public shunning is a way to punish those who have sinned and have violated a community’s values. It has not always been as lenient as it is now. In the Puritan times, people were publicly humiliated in many ways. Some were branded, displayed on the scaffold, or simply paraded in front ot the town. The worse case for public shunning were executions in front of the whole town. In today's world, public shunning is not as harsh. It is now done by parading an outcasts’ face and sins everywhere in the world by the news and articles. One of the most recent broadcasted Shunnings is Jared Fogle. November 19, 2015, Jared Fogle pleaded guilty in court for statutory rape and child pornography. He was found guilty for receiving and distributing child pornography, for paying children for sex, and for having sex with at least two minors. He engaged in these acts with minors from 2007 until June 2015. Russell…show more content…
It ruined their lives, and the lives of the people who loved them. Hester committed infidelity in a puritan society. Jared molested minors while he was married to someone else. Jared Fogle and Hester both committed adultery in different ways, and they were both shunned for it. They both received their punishments by becoming outcasts. Hester was considered an outcast because she was named unholy and unfaithful by her community, and the puritans did not want her unfaithfulness to spread. Fogle is an outcast because he went against the modern value of children and the laws against such actions. To further his humiliation, he was fired and sentenced to jail. Fogle is currently, receiving more retribution through the prisoners who beat him for his actions (Rough and
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