Punishment Of Sex Offenders In The US

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Punishment in the U.S In society, we punish those that deviate from our social norms. These norms are usually things that society defines by things they feel are morally wrong. In this paper, we will examine sex offenders that have the urge to commit a sexual crime against others and how they must suffer the consequences that the law as intact for those crimes. Sex offenders in the United States are punished harshly because we try to protect our citizens and try to isolate certain problems to avoid more deviant behavior. Therefore, we isolate these individuals from society. Sex offenders have a hard time re-entering society, which cause them to sometimes led them to creating their own community that excludes them for society. In the United…show more content…
The current system in the U.S is developed under capitalism. The concern is not about re-socialization of individuals that act out the social norm; however, it’s about the number of people they can put in a bed to make profit. Marx mentions that when it comes to law “he observes that the social response to an infraction is governed not only by the behavior of the person…. But how society choose to respond.” As a society, we only respond to certain things; therefore, sex offenders receive harsh punishment because our society is very protective of our youth. In addition, Marx focuses on how capitalism has been the cause of greed , which he associates with crime. The current punishment system is a conflict of interest for society. The rich are getting rich from individuals that have unequal social circumstances than them. For instance, in the article "Taming the Beast within", it mentions how they have a drug call “Lupron”, which “can radically curb men’s harmful desires, allowing them to return to quasi-normal lives”. However, this drug is not free it cost thousands of dollars to be a part of this treatment. The law was made to protect the people; however, if there is a drug to help sex offenders and it's not able to distributed then is the law protecting the people. Marx mention how the rich creates the punishment because they are the ones with the power. Therefore, the United…show more content…
According to Foucault, modern society has moved to a more private punishment method. However, I think the current U.S approach to dealing with sex offenders is trying to punish them privately, but also make them a public display for society. In Pervert Park, the documentary show how individuals that are now label and registry as sex offenders have to live in a community that is just confined to them. Sex offenders are being punished by having to live under a certain system. For instance, the maintenance man that is a sex offender and even though he as re-enter society as a productive member under the law he is still deviant, which means he must document all his locations. Therefore, they community is set up like a panopticon because it’s like their community is surrounded by a bunch of guards who are either the citizens around them and the law. Sex offenders are under twenty-four-hour surveillance it’s like they are still in jail. However, I must agree with Foucault that since the law is so power the community controls them because it’s the only place they feel
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