Puritanism And Its Effect On Society

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Puritanism can be described as belonging to a covenant relationship with the Lord with expectation to free them from their sins (“Puritanism/Religion”). Studies from “Puritanism/Religion” show that what set Puritanism apart from the rest was the way it was preached and the intense experience it gave many. The style and teaching of the Bible have evolved over time. According to the “Journal of Church and State,” the Puritans connected a covenant relationship with unifying themselves (2014). McMahon (n.d.) stated they wanted a pure church with the Word of God.
Preachers In Salem
The path to becoming a preacher started very early on in their lives. Stated in McMahon’s (n.d.) writing, preachers were raised by godly parents who educated them with the basic standards of that time. They were then sent to achieve their ministerial training, that could either take place at Oxford or Cambridge University. The process still wasn’t finished, they needed to shadow a godly minister. The final step was actually preaching to the congregation under the watch of the godly minister. These preachers were there to honor Christ and make him happy, they didn’t care if they got paid or not. There were hours of studying and preparation for each sermon preached (McMahon, n.d.). Everyone was relying on them to provide them with the best and most accurate information about their Lord. According to the “Journal of Church and State” (2014) and McMahon (n.d.), the preachers of the gospel really wanted to
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