Purpose Of Botanic Garden

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The oldest living botanic garden on the African continent and Durban’s oldest public institute, The Durban Botanic Garden is a glorious testament to more than 160 years of commitment, perseverance and care by a generation of curators. The Durban Botanic Gardens has been one of many of Botanic Gardens at the forefront of human knowledge and understanding of plants and the habitat in which they live. This essay will provide a brief history, and describe the purpose and philosophy of the Botanic Garden. As well analyzing the landscape, orientation, function and plant life.

The Durban Botanic Gardens is situated in the city of Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. The very first garden was established in December 1849 by Dr Charles Johnston, on …show more content…

Also as a station for the trial of agricultural crops. The park also includes educational programmes to help educate people on the importance of plant life, environmental interpretation, and the cultural heritage of the gardens. The programmes include courses like an alien invasive plant garden, school greening as well as curriculum school guided programmes, permaculture courses to help promote the idea that food should be culturally and nutritionally important. There is also a garden for the blind. Today the Gardens have developed and grown as part of a system of botanic gardens globally to focus on fundamental areas of heritage, education, research, horticultural excellence, green revolution and biodiversity. Over the years, generations of guardians of the Garden have left an important and precious resource in the form of plant collections in the Gardens all over the world. The Durban Botanic Gardens Trust is an independent fund raising association that aims to support the Durban Botanic Gardens with botanical and agricultural maintenance, development and capacity development in order to guarantee that this unique habitation of botanic culture is

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