Purpose Of Death In Hamlet

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Hamlet The main plot point of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet is for Hamlet to seek revenge for the murder of his father. His uncle, Claudius, is responsible for killing Hamlet’s father. All of the main characters in the play end up dying because of Hamlet’s decision to kill Claudius. Each death has its own purpose, and as most believe, each person brings it upon themselves. The first death that occurs as a result of the plot of Claudius’ death is the chief counselor of the King, Polonius. Hamlet figures out that Claudius is, in fact, guilty of killing his father. Claudius now knows that Hamlet knows about the killing. Claudius and Polonius discuss going into the Queen’s room to listen to her and Hamlet’s conversation to figure out what is wrong with him. Polonius states “My lord, he’s going to his mother’s closet. Behind the arras I’ll convey myself / To hear the process. I’ll warrant she’ll tax him home. / And, as you said (and wisely was it said)/ 'Tis meet that some more audience than a mother—/ Since nature makes them partial—should o'erhear / The speech, of vantage. Fare you well, my liege./ I’ll call upon you ere you go to bed/ And tell you what I know” (III.iii.27-34). While in the bedroom, Hamlet hears someone crying out for help and believes it is the King behind the curtain. In a fit of rage, he grabs his sword and stabs through the curtain only to discover it is Polonius. Polonius deciding on listening to Hamlet’s exchange is what ultimately caused his death. He
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