Purpose Of Indefinite Sentencing

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Indefinite sentencing is a sentence of imprisonment with no set release date. They are held indefinitely. This is considered a very controversial topic as everybody has different beliefs and opinions about the justice of this. Some percentage of the population believe putting offenders in jail indefinitely is the right step to take while others prefer to bring in the death penalty but some disagree with the whole idea as it is against human right. Indefinite sentencing is costly as keeping an offender costs about $292 per day per person which is $106580 per year. It would be cheaper to do community service or rehabilitate these offenders and Taxpayers would prefer their money used to pay for other things such as school, education facilities, roads etc. rather than on criminals. Despite all this indefinite sentencing should remain because the safety of the community comes before all. The following report shall discuss points for and against and the purpose of indefinite sentencing, as well as this a case study will be presented looking at a real-life situation where indefinite sentencing has been used, the just and unjust outcomes and a discussion on two interviews that had been taken. Reasons for its introduction The primary purpose of indefinite sentencing is protection for the community so there is less stress on the society as they will feel safer knowing the offenders are locked away for life. It can also act as a deterrence but it depends on the individual because

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