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In this statement of my objective I have high lighted my reasons for pursuing a master of Science in physics at Sardar patel University. Bearing in mind my academic background, capabilities and interests, I had decided to pursue graduate studies in physics with my focus on CONDENSED MATTER PHYSICS AND MATERIAL SCIENCE. In what follows, I have briefly summed up my motivation for the graduate study, my back ground and my research interest.
Right from the onset of my academic years, fascination for the physics and mathematics had promoted me to do a major in physics. I started my education at L.G.HARIA high school, Jamnagar where I stood fifth among nearly 100 students in the final secondary school exam (SSC) 10th exam. …show more content…

This achievement paved my way to pursue further studies in physics in an institute of excellent repute, University college of science, A.N.PATEL PG INSTITUTE which is affiliated to the Sardar patel University. Sardar patel university, also been accrediated with "A" Grade which confirms it to be an institute of academic excellence by National Board of Accrediation (NAAC).
The Department of physics at A.N.PATEL P.G. INSTITUTE, its state of art facilities, infrastructure & most importantly its distinguished & eminent Faculty members helped me to strengthen my Knowledge in the subject. In my 2 years of Post graduate studies I had completed various courses like Quantum Mechanics, Statistical Mechanics, Electronics, Nuclear physics, Mathematical Physics, Physics of Atoms and Molecules, Electro Magnetic Theory & Modern optics,crystallography etc. Throughout my post graduate study I received constant help from our Principal Dr. J.D.PATEL, who is having great experience as professor as well as Principal at A.N.PATEL P.G. institute. Moreover, with the continuous guidance of our Head of department Mr.Chirag U Vyas, and all the other faculties of the physics department, had inspired me to be the top in the class of 70

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