Put A Persons Health At Risk

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put a persons health at risk. For example, pollution caused from transportation and manufacturing plants causes a threat to ones well-being and overall health. If we look at the root of this particular problem we find that it stems from the use of natural resources to produce energy. Not only does that reduced the amount of available resources harming the environment, it is also creating a byproduct that reduces the quality of health. Collaborating with other researcher and tackling the root of the problem would allow an integration of these two disciplines. Finding ways to produces energy that does not come from limited resources and does not produce a harmful byproduct would benefit the sustainability aspect and the health of people as…show more content…
Water is essential for us to live and yet there are still so many issue linked to contamination of water and the health of people. “A large proportion of the World’s population – around 1.1 billion people – does not have access to improved sources of water”(Thompson et al., 2003). Many people take for granted their ability to access clean water. When in reality this problem has been occurring for a very long time and affects a vast amount of people. “The first documented attempts to treat drinking water, which may date back to 4000 B.C., were recorded in Greek and Sanskrit writings”(Barry M and Hughes J, 2008). Even with the technology and knowledge we have today this problem is still occurring. In order to fully understand its implications on people it has to be looked at in a global context. According to Thompson et al. (2003), a long-term goal of Global Health is to cut in half the number of people who do not have access to clean water. “This initiative will necessitate innovative, collaborative, interdisciplinary, and intersectoral efforts, with commitment from national leaders and heads of international agencies and with public–private partnership”(Barry M and Hughes J, 2008). Blending ideas from people with different backgrounds will increase the likelihood of accomplishing this goal. Diseases associated with the consumption of contaminated water cause serious problems that people in both
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