Putting Family First in The Raisin in the Sun Essay

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The Raisin in the Sun is a movie about a colored family who is trying to make it. There are five family members who all live in the same small two bedroom apartment. They all know that things are about to change because they know that Mama Younger is about to get a 10,000 check from where her husband had passed away recently. Each family member have their own dreams about what they want to do with the money, but they just don’t want to ask Mama if they could use it for their dreams, especially Walter Lee; her son. Right before Mama gets the check in the mail, the whole family gets surprised by some news from Ruth, who is Walter Lee’s wife. Ruth ends up finding out that she is pregnant, and that she wants to get rid of the baby because she …show more content…

Walter Lee is up against his mother, because he has to convince her to let him have the money to open up the liquor. After he talks to his mom, she decides that he isn’t going to use his father’s hard earned money on a liquor store. Willy Loman is up against his disease, because he knows that if it continues that he will not be able to get the job, and then won’t be able to support his family. Willy and Walter also compare in that they both have disappointed their families. Willy disappoints his family once he gets fired from his job, because of the problems he is having. Walter disappoints his family after his mom makes him the head of the household and gives the rest of the money to him. Instead of doing the right thing he decides to pursue his dreams and gives the money to his friends to open the liquor store, then Walter ends up losing all the money. For each Walter and Willy to have human dignity for themselves they must respect not only their selves but also their family. Even though they both want to give their families a better life, they have to also sometimes have to give up their dreams to do that. Walter has to overcome that everything isn’t going to be about him, and that sometimes he has to give up his dreams to pursue the happiness of his family. He does this actually by telling Linder at the end of the movie that his family and he

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