Qualities of Nursing

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The essay focuses on the exploration and demonstrates the understanding of variety of theories that relate to self and interpersonal communication. It has been supported by vignettes from the first practice experience as a student nurse and by using relevant literature to support my argument. The essay contains scenarios that are based on the personal experience that I encountered in the clinical placement. I did make sure that the maintenance of private and confidentiality was covered. It is done by using pseudonyms and by not using the exact place that it occurs.
A nurse is a person who inhibits a distinctive social world of lived experiences. A person is a conscious being and seen as a particular person. According to Stevens (1996), …show more content…

Familiar faces may make us more likely to start a relationship and continue it. Nervous facial expression hinders other`s perception of our competence and persuasiveness. Nonverbal cues can provide information we may not want dispelled. Our decoding ability arises at a young age and increases as we get older, influencing our daily lives whether we are aware of it or not’’ (Dunn, L.J. 2009).
Non-verbal can do interchange verbal method in communicating. However in Mrs Jones case, I cannot always depend on what I assumed or how I construe what Mrs Jones feels, as people, do occasionally interpret her non-verbal differently from what I interpret. For instance, Mrs Jones appeared to be unsettled in one occasion. In this situation, relying on her facial expression, she seems to be in distress in pain. Once I seen the situation, I immediately reported it to the nurse in-charge on the bay. The nurse immediately attended Mrs Jones and asks if she is in any pain. Mrs Jones shakes her head, in a way of saying ‘No’. The nurse interprets it; she is not in any pain and told me that; ‘‘I think Mrs Jones is not comfortable with the air mattress’’. Personally, I am not contented to what the nurse interpreted, as I think that Mrs Jones shakes her head by telling she do not understand, as while she shakes her head, her facial expression also appears to be in confusion. I interpret it as; Mrs Jones did not manage to catch what the nurse

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