Questions On Journal Entry A

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Journal Entry A:
Describe one or two events that occurred or observations you made during the week. Next, describe what you thought and/or felt about those events or observations. Use an extra sheet of paper if necessary.

In this week, it was challenging too. I was very stressed because I was waiting for Mr. Alex to give me a new assignment to do since in most times I do the assignment outside the office. The reason is that the office is so small and there is no place for me to work in the office. However, I meet with Mr. Alex or Rosa his research assistant every week to make sure that I understand the task that I have to perform. In this week Ms. Alex was outside the office and Rosa took his place to explain to me the assignments and help me understand. I was very stressed and worried about the assignment and the time that I will take to complete since it was a very busy week. It was the week after the final exams and I had to write ten pages for Organizational behavior’s class and another research paper for English class. It was very hard and challenging because it was my first time doing a research paper and writing ten pages essay. I was very worried to the point that I was crying. It always took me a long time and so much energy just to get ready and build my confidence to do it. My word that I always say is “I can do it, I can do it.” I also talk to my parents and my counselor in the school to gain motivation and self-confidence. I believe that when someone believe
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