Questions On The Black Death

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YEAR 8 CORE STUDIES TERM 4 HISTORY Name: Jemimah Hulme THE BLACK DEATH 1. HOME PAGE Introduction: in a few sentences, summarise What Is the Black Death? (WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHO, HOW, WHY) The Black Death, also known as ‘The Bubonic Plague’ was a devastating pandemic in the 14th century, affecting mainly Europe. It was caused by a deadly bacteria, ‘Yersinia Pestis’ that caused large, pus-filled swellings on the victim’s body. In the space of 5 years, the plague spread rapidly and claimed the lives of 25 million people. 2. ORIGIN AND SPREAD When Did the Black Death Occur? Where did the Black Death occur? When and where did the Black Death Spread? The first signs of the Black Death were in China and India in the 1330s. England had heard rumours of ‘plague in the East’- but weren’t alarmed, for China and India were still developing and both countries had a low population. Meanwhile, trading was becoming increasingly popular, and many ships used the Mediterranean, Caspian and Black Seas as trading routes to get to Europe. As a result, the plague reached the Caspian Sea and River Don in 1346. Approximately one year later – 1347- a boat docked in Sicily, containing contaminated rats as well as many dying crew members; thus spreading the disease to the Black Sea and Constantinople. In a short time, The Black Death had spread to what would be Turkey, Macedonia, Greece, Iran, Syria and Iraq today. In 1348 the plague spread to the southern regions of England, including Bristol
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