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BACKGROUND MODELING FOR FOREGROUND DETECTION Background modelling is currently used to detect moving objects in video acquired from static cameras. We classify background modelling techniques into two broad categories (non-recursive and recursive). Non-recursive Techniques A non-recursive technique uses a sliding-window approach for background estimation. It stores a buffer of the previous L video frames, and estimates the background image based on the temporal variation of each pixel within the buffer. Non-recursive techniques are highly adaptive as they do not depend on the history beyond those frames stored in the buffer. On the other hand, the storage requirement can be significant if a large buffer is needed to …show more content…

1)Kalman filter: Kalman filter is a widely-used recursive technique for tracking linear dynamical systems under Gaussian noise. The Kalman filter, is an algorithm which uses a series of measurements observed over time, containing noise (random variations) and other inaccuracies, and produces estimates of unknown variables that tend to be more precise than those that would be based on a single measurement alone. More formally, the Kalman filter operates recursively on streams of noisy input data to produce a statistically optimal estimate of the underlying system state. 2)Mixture of Gaussians (MoG): Unlike Kalman Filter which tracks the evolution of a single Gaussian, the MoG method tracks multiple Gaussian distributions simultaneously. MoG maintains a density function for each pixel. Thus, it is capable of handling multimodal background distributions. PROPOSED METHOD: INTERSECTIONSOLVING METHOD A new method for background detection is Intersection solving method. This works concentrates on extracting individual object models from their respective image frames. The intersected region mainly used as the basis to perform the intersection solving technique. Here, three image frames captured by an interval of specific time. For Initial process, frame differenced operation performed on these image frames to obtain the binary image frames. Most of the process of solving intersection mainly utilizes the binary

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