Race And Ethnic Identity Essay

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In this essay, I will be discussing Race and Ethnic Identity, and how it is racially constructed. I found the presentation very interesting, to the point that most of my guesses were wrong, just based off the looks and perception of the celebrities. This presentation made me actually look at race and appearance in a different way because you never know what the person ethnic background is by just looking at the person. I have learned a lot on race and ethnicity and how things were categorized in the past, and as the years passed that other categories were put in to place for people to choose the identity that they were comfortable with choosing. For one thing, skin color can change your perception of a person, by looking at the celebrities, some of them identify as black and by looking at them, and I never would have thought that some of them were mixed with black among other ethnic background. Some of the celebrities shared a common distinctive religion and culture that could link them together, as well as share different lifestyle experiences, and how they were brought up. Some people try to define race and ethnicity as the same, but they are very different and taking this course open my eyes to several things that I was unaware of, ex: perception, race, and ethnicity play a …show more content…

It is amazing how things like racism still exist in todays world/society. The only encounter with racism I had a problem with is in the workplace, but I know it exist everywhere, and people are still getting killed everday behind racism. Racism affects a lot of us, since I am an African American women, there are two factors against me as a

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