Race And Slavery During The 18th And Early 19th Century

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Timothy Smeja
History 103
Professor Ricciardi
During the 18th and early 19th century, race and slavery were contested subjects in the U.S. The definition of race during this era was not static, and one can find it in the essays written by such individuals as Thomas Jefferson, Samuel Cartwright, and Benjamin Rush. People supporting slavery used race as their main argument by highlighting the differences between Whites and Blacks. Works of Jefferson, Cartwright, and Rush highlight the different conceptions of race during this era. It is, therefore, important to learn about these conceptions to understand how race related to slavery in the past. The paper will thus dig into the analysis of the Jefferson
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According to Jefferson, emancipation in the ancient Rome did not have the ability to support the highly disturbing aspect of racial mixing. Jefferson underlines that “among the Romans, emancipation needed but a single effort. The slave, when liberated, may mix with, without staining the blood of his master”. According to Martin and Person, Jefferson’s strong rejection of the only chance of combining was, no doubt, out of accord with Douglass’ social objectives of that time, as it was out of accord with the Emerson’s perceptions of racial gradation as well. Further, historians also argue that Jefferson’s thinking is not in line with the various historical issues. They dismiss the perceptions of racial separatism as well as chauvinism, as highlighted by Jefferson, and the argument that Romans involved themselves in the enslavement as well as liberation and mixture of people of African origin puts itself forward.
Additionally, Jefferson underlines that it is against all promotion of freedom to have slaves. Moreover, slavery does no good for the country, citing that no hardworking individuals exist when they can compel other people to do work for them. According to Jefferson, slavery is contrary to humankind’s God-given freedom. Therefore, there is no way God will continue to offer prosperity to the American people. Ultimately, Jefferson demonstrates his

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