Race, By Ali Rattansi And ' Between Barack And A Hard Place '

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What is race? It is defined as descendants of a common ancestor; one of the distinct variations of the human species; race or lineage. (Websters New Dictionary 1998). As our society becomes more educated, the debate on whether or not this is the true definition of race, or as today’s Sociologists see it, is race merely socially constructed. Race, as it applies across scientific lines, is determinate to represent the human species as a whole, therefore there is but one race…. Human.

The readings of “Racism, a very short introduction” by Ali Rattansi and “Between Barack and a hard place” by Tim Wise, asks the question of the determination of race. This question is still being asked from the early nineteen hundreds to the late fifty’s and up until the recent nineties. Many descendants of duel ethnicities are asking of question of “ who am I”. They are confused as to where they fit into the equation of the categorization of race.

We are still consumed with the notion that there is some possible generalization that can used to determine who belongs and who doesn’t, to a certain category of ethnicity. Throughout the process of natural selection, uninhibited love and the freedom of choice, we humans continue to cloud the reality for the concept of race. This social construction of race no longer holds as a scientific factor. Physical features such as skin color and eyes and hair have been proven scientifically to be components of the location of environment. These traits were

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