Rachel Carson : Qhetorical Analysis : The Obligation To Endure

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“The Obligation to Endure”

“The Obligation to endure gives us the right to know.” If we are all humans occupying the same environment, breathing the same air, how are we so oblivious of all the dangerous chemicals the environment and the public is being exposed to. Rachel Carson makes a strong argumentation because if the public must endure these poisonous chemicals and pollution that are altering the environment then they have the right to know the great dangers that they can cause.

Rachel Carson makes a very valid point in “The Obligation to Endure.” These damages created by the people, like pollution and harmful chemicals in our environment are irreversible however raising awareness will make a change for good in the long run for the environment and for the health of humans. Humans is destroying the environment that has been around longer than humans themselves. Carson’s main issues are pollution and the spraying of chemicals that are altering our environment. Although these things currently show no visual effect on humans, they can end up being a danger in the long run. Carson wants to raise awareness and wants for the public to have enough knowledge before making long-term devastating decisions with disastrous effects. As Carson states, “There is still very limited awareness of the nature of the threat.” (499) Carson’s purpose is to raise awareness of the great dangers that are presented with these dangerous chemicals because she wants to stop humans from destroying

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