Racial Discrimination

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“Interracial, biracial, mixed, brown, multiethnic, multiracial, mulatto, multicultural, bicultural, and rainbow” (Nash 3). These are all names that people of two or more races, are referred to as in America. Being biracial in America has become more and more common as so many children are products of interracial relationships. While being biracial is becoming more common, it doesn’t mean that biracial people are facing less challenges. Questions such as “What are you?” and “What do you identify with most?” are constantly asked. Biracial individuals may struggle with their identity and feeling accepted, but this is not a new occurrence because biracial individuals have had to face discrimination for many years. Race is a biological distinction among people, that is based off of physical traits. It is what is used to classify people, however, distinguishing people by skin color has become much easier for people (Nash 3). Americans are well aware that people of other races didn’t get along in the past, and some still don’t currently. So when people of different races had a child together, let alone had any form of a relationship, the situation was stigmatized and not only were the parents looked down upon but the child would be too. In the United States marriage or sexual relations between two people of different racial backgrounds, typically between white and black, was formerly known as miscegenation. This was mainly associated with slave owners having sexual

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