Racial Discrimination

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Almost every person of color has been racially discriminated against. Most of us have had it happened to us, some of us never really realized it was happening. Some of us don’t even know what it means to be racially discriminated is. So for my senior exit paper, I will be telling what racial discrimination is, how much it happens, why it happens, who it happens to and so much more. In this paper, you will be learning the basic background of racial discrimination and when and how it started.
The dictionary definition of the word Racial Discrimination is the act of treating someone differently than others because of the color of his or her skin. This generally happens because of a social construct, or the attachment to certain meanings to a person's race used to justify the discrimination. But there are many types Racial Discrimination like racial profiling, racism in school, racism in the workplace, and others. Now in my opinion, I say all this is a terrible way to see the world, but you have to live in reality and see that in this day in age, the world is completely one-sided when it comes to thinking. To be truthfully honest Americans is very stubborn and will think what they wanna think and not look at the facts and statistics. Which Is why the world is the way it is now. I have learned to be completely open-minded about things because honestly, it’s the only way you learn something in this jacked up world. Racial Discrimination in this world is completely brutal and you

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