Racial Discrimination History

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Discrimination is all over the world and it is a very serious problem in society. We judge each other daily because of their gender, ethnicity, religion, age, and the way a person behave. Discrimination is the “unequal treatment provided to one or more parties based on a mutual accord or some other logical or illogical reason” (). In the modern world of the United State of America the topic of racial discrimination in the Criminal justice system is debatable because there is considerable evidence confirming both individual and systemic biases. The United States has a long history of racial discrimination in several aspects of life including employment, public accommodations and education. Nowadays there are extremely biased individuals and do not like to accept people of different ethnicity. This paper focuses on the discrimination and it history. History Discrimination

Discrimination has been around for decades. Many would agree that discrimination built on race, gender, religion or ethnic origin is morally wrong and it is a violation of the principle of equality. “The equality principle requires that those who are equal be treated equally based on similarities, and that race is not a relevant consideration in that assessment” (May & Sharratt 1994, pg317). In the U.S. alone there have been many events which have occur that shows that discrimination still exits. For example, based on the law distribution of some benefit are strictly based on race and social class.

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