African Americans After Reconstruction Dbq

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Even after slavery was erased from the lives of African Americans, something rather equal to slavery was introduced. Sharecropping was what they called it and although it didn 't fool all African Americans, it still resembled the same practice of slavery itself. Equality and opportunity were the main words that would have African Americans develop faith during the time period of 1865 to 1905. Of course, lives of African Americans continued to be painfully raw in disguise. On December 18, 1865, Thaddeus Stevens held a speech at the U.S House of Representatives during the phase of reconstruction. Thaddeus was a Radical Republican who had a strong belief in giving Africans rights and support just as white Americans had doc 1. Steven 's explains, that after time of torture they are finally letting African Americans loose and they have nowhere to go. They have no money, shelter, nor education to help them start a life. In the speech he believes that something must be done in order to help these African Americans establish and construct an opportunity for them. Their condition is unjust and this whole idea of sharecropping isn 't changing a thing for them anyways. Black codes were laws for all African Americans to follow that were very unjust. They discriminated the black race in all ways possible doc 2. These laws only labeled the inabilities of African Americans by restricting many activities making them seem useless and pathetic. Supposedly, the deal was to help these people

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