Racial Equality During The Civil Rights Movement

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The civil rights movement was time when racial equality was prominent in America. In this essay it will address the ways in which people challenged the ways of life to one day achieve racial equality. Jim crows laws and segregation was a dominant factor in the way that the courts ruled in favour of racial inequality.

During the civil rights movement there was a set of laws called the Jim Crows. These were a set of laws which enforced segregation between the white and the blacks. The term Jim Crow was a derogatory term used to describe the African-American people. The laws affected both whites and blacks but the laws affected the blacks more negatively than the whites, the blacks were mainly affected in very unpleasant ways. In the South of America the Jim Crow laws were more strongly enforced than in the Northern part of America. African-Americans travelled North to gain a better life but with travelling bought danger and risk. In the constitution equal rights were stated, but they were not followed white people thought that the African-American race was placed on the Earth to work and that they did not deserve any respect. They thought that the black people were thought as workers, animals and slaves even after slavery was abolished.

Not only were adults affected by racism but the children were also affected.. During the time of segregation schools were separated as the white children went to a different school than the black children. In 1896 the supreme court

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