Why Do We Need Segregation Today?

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Why is it that it is still okay to ask if you attend a White or Black school? Have you noticed that this question can be answered by, “I attend a Black school.” Schools are still segregated today, over a century after slavery ended, about 60 years after segregation was illegal. It takes time to adapt to such dramatic changes like being forced to integrate, but the fact of the matter is, school segregation is still an issue today. Having our children exposed to segregation from such a young age is a problem. It is important for everyone to see as human beings that this issue is not personal, but it affects us all. Children are our future and they cannot be hand fed separation from such a young age. Old habits die hard and if the matter is not addressed or ceased, then the effects will be detrimental in the future. It will be like segregation never happened and the separation between races would be more evident than ever. Many people may argue that segregation in schools is over, but in fact, it is noticeable predominant today. This is an issue that impacts the Black community today because this leads to students receiving different educational opportunities, and the underlying belief of being inferior to another race. If racial issues and segregation are encountered at schools and targeted to eradicate, then the results would be advantageous. There will be equal access to education and everyone will be seen equally, as Civil Rights Movement advocate Dr. Martin Luther King

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