Racial Profiling : Hoods And Badges

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DuChein Fox 6-29-15 2015SU-ENGL-1302-45402 Racial Profiling: Hoods and Badges Poughkeepsie, NY- An African- American professor at Vassar College, a predominantly white university, is sitting in his office with the door open. Other professors are in their office as well nearby. A campus security officer walks by the professor’s office and notices him. Shortly after, the campus officer requests to see the professor’s identification and papers that would verify his reasoning for being in that office. What caused enough doubt about that particular professor, unlike the other professors who were left unbothered, for the officer to single him out and embarrass him in front of his colleagues? What had the professor done to receive the extra unsolicited attention from the law officer and be required to verify his position on campus? [1] New Haven, CT- A young African- American student attending Yale drives a ’92 Ford Taurus. In contrasts to the multitude of luxury vehicles and sports cars around campus, to say he looks conspicuous is an understatement. He is pulled over often, and at the height of his ritual of run-ins with law enforcement, he was getting pulled over once or twice a week. It’s perfectly understandable that law enforcement would be suspicious of his placement in a place like that, right? I mean to say, there’s no way a person like him is actually attending THAT University. However, more importantly, we must ask “What law was he repeatedly breaking to get pulled

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