Racial Profiling: The Color of Justice in America Essay

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For the past few years there has been an ongoing debate surrounding the issue of racial profiling. The act of racial profiling may rest on the assumption that African Americans and Hispanics are more likely to commit crimes than any individual of other races or ethnicities. Both David Cole in the article "The Color of Justice" and William in the article "Road Rage" take stance on this issue and argue against it in order to make humanity aware of how erroneous it is to judge people without evidence. Although Cole and William were very successful in matters of showing situations and qualitative information about racial profiling in their articles, both of them fail at some points.

In the article Road Rage, Williams does a good job trying …show more content…

By using this illustration, Williams tries to show that racial profiling seams illogical when you put it that way. But when you just change Canadian to Jamaican, most people think that it is reasonable to stretch nationality into race.

Furthermore, to expose the hypocrisy of the police department she does a really good job appealing to the reader's emotions by pointing out a specific situation: The Diallo Shooting. Troopers shot eleven rounds into a van full of unarmed minorities after the police pulled them over for an unclear reason. And it comes to be really ironic when at the same time Safir, New York City Police Commissioner, argues against racial profiling but police presence in minority neighborhoods still tends to be high.

Williams assumes that crime is related to poverty but, as in the US, white communities tend to be much wealthier than communities of color, people are, one more time, induced to stretch poverty into race. Moreover, in order to sustain her point of view, she points out that statistics have proven that in areas where there are many poor whites, the crime rate is almost the same as African Americans and Latino neighborhoods.

Not only this article alarms society that Racial Profile's should be banned, but also, in the article "The Color of Justice", David Cole expresses and supports this point. Cole starts in a good way

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