Racial Racism

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From the colonial era, the English men from Britain arrived East America , they brought advanced technology, at the same time, they also brought about racism. From the 20th century, the black in America did not accept racial discrimination from the white in their social lives and they started to revolt the policies of the white. In order to strength disparity between the white and the black, racial politics still remain in the society of America. Slavery, segregation, the American Indian Wars, Native American Reservations are all the results of racial politics. Official racial discrimination was mostly banned in the mid-20th century, and it is regarded as unacceptable repugnant .(Henry, 2002) Racial stratification continues to occur in employment, housing, education, lending, and government.
There are several reasons account for the racism in America and I will illustrate it from 3 aspects.
In the first place, when the colonists come to America, they suppressed the black to work for their farms , factories or families . Thus, the black people seemed to be lowered than the white in the country. This leads to racial discrimination and racial prejudice. In that time, slavery was one government admitted activity and it has great influence on history . Thus, the influence of slavery cannot by totally eliminated from the society with the removal of the system after a series of anti-slavery movements .Slavery is a legitimate system which had great oppression on the blacks. For

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