Racial Segregation Between Black And White Incarceration Rates

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Racial disproportionality of United States prison populations have been a controversy for several years. It is not entirely evident that the racial disproprtionality is cause to discrimination; however it does contribute to the conditions are the prisons. The criminal involvement of blacks and other minorities seems to be linked to the racial disproportionality of the prison populations. The types of crimes that are committed especially in the black community are addressed in the journal. The differences in the involvement of black offenders as it relates to more serious crimes as robberies and homicides which is a major contributor to the larger percentage of the prison system. The more serious crimes also tend to account for more of the disproportionality between black and white incarceration rates.
There is also a theory that there is a portion of the disproportionality of imprisonment due to some level of discrimination that is based on race. When examining more of the crime-type-specific racial distributions at arrest and in prison indicates that as the seriousness of the offense decreases, blacks are disproportionately represented in prison. In this case the blacks are at a disadvantage as the amount of permissible criminal justice discretion increases, such that discrimination to be considered as a reason to why the difference in the advantages and disadvantages in the criminal justice system occurs. According to Blumstein, A. (1982) “One of the most distressing

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