Racial Segregation : The Movie Begins You See There

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As the movie begins you see there is some sort of public building that shows a disturbing image of segregation, by separation of the races with a water fountain for the whites and blacks, and a church that the audience can assume as a Negro church being burnt. This is a reality that shows its ugly face with the assumptions and rough realities for a normal day in the south during the earlier times during segregation which was very natural for the Jim Crow era, which is coming to an end.
The audience will see a vehicle driving down a highway, they soon see that there are three men, two of them being white and one black. These three men are James Chaney, Andrew Goodman and Michael Schwerner, who are civil rights activists working that summer, towards getting the African American people a voting rights in a nearby town of Philadelphia, Mississippi. The audience will soon see, that these young men are being followed by a few unknown vehicles. As the movie goes on the audience will be able to identify one vehicle as a police car, you can assume that the officer is going to issue a ticket for speeding, then the story takes a twist as you can assume they are KKK members, then you hear three gunshots and we find out that we are in Mississippi 1964.
The audience is then introduced to FBI agent Ward and Anderson. Agent Ward is a young liberal, but rule follower, and Anderson is a middle aged rough around the edges kind of guy, who is from a small town himself in Mississippi who one

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