Racial Tension in Walter Dean Myers' Monster Essay

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Cause and Effect Monster Essay

African American men born in the United States in 2001 have a one in three chance of being incarcerated at some point in their lifetime, according to Department of Justice statistics. An even greater number will have a criminal record and face the host of collateral consequences that emanate from a criminal record. As Michelle Alexander wrote, “An extraordinary percentage of black men in the United States are legally barred from voting today, just as they have been throughout most of American history. They are also subject to legalized discrimination in employment, housing, education, public benefits, and jury service, just as their parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents once were.”, as gathered …show more content…

The fact that these men know what they did and have the chance to lessen their charge by blaming on a supposedly guilty sixteen year old African American teenager doesn’t help Steve’s case. Especially because of the fact that they know Steve and know he can be an easy target to blame. With this evidence being provided this does nothing but lead us to believe that Steve’s age and his acquaintances did nothing but hurt himself and put him in this situation.

To continue, say Steve did really kill Mr. Nesbitt, or was so called lookout. Being pressured to do so by his “acquaintances” and did so. This would then prove the next chain. Steve’s choices affected him in negative as well. Whether he did it or he was just a person who would seem believable to do such a thing. Heck, he could have been a great straight A student who was just blamed because of some peers jealousy or hatred toward him. We don’t surely know what happened to Steve. But one that we know and obviously the book “knows” is that no matter what we do our choices affect us and the people around us. There is a good representation of this in the book as it quotes.. “An incredible story about how one guys life was turned around by a few events and how he might spend the rest of his life behind bars.” Now although this might be hard to interpret if you closely examine it you can see that the book is saying “a few events” meaning his or someones choices. Showing us

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