Racism About Racism

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To be honest, I’ve only experienced blatant racism once in my life. I was in 7th grade, and I was getting up to put my food away because my class was leaving. Suddenly, a foot came out of nowhere and two seconds later, I found myself on the floor with my uneaten school food all over the ground and me while being called a terrorist by a Caucasian. It wasn’t a big ruckus, only both of our classes saw what happened but it was still terrifying. My friends were about 8 feet away in shock, and not a single soul helped me - not that I expected it. I was a pretty emotionally strong and carefree kid. Humans didn’t scare me. If you poked me once I would just forgive you and move on with my little life. To this day, I don’t consider that a mortifying experience, I am completely fine. The boy that called me a terrorist was held back the next year so karma came and did my job for me. What did bother me, however, were the little, almost unnoticed glimpses of racism that would happen to me which was completely shrouded away because teenagers were just expected to be rude people so it was acceptable. It was the small things that hurt me the most, and even though the greater portion of America believes that racism has been conquered, I don’t believe so. But as bad as these instances of racism hurt me, it’s what made my mind strong and taught me to be happy. An example of what bothered me would be when I would walk into a class and start talking to my friend Auria, she would look at me in
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