Racism And Its Effects On Society

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Indeed, it is justifiable to state that prejudice is a condition of human nature and has been continuously displayed throughout history. Social psychologists attempt to explain this as a method for humans to simplify and organize the complexities of their social world (Aronson & Aronson, 2012, p. 309). In a like manner, people will produce a rationalization in order to justify their beliefs and feeling towards a selected group. Under those circumstances, there are several causes identified that contribute to prejudice. Namely, displaced aggression, disposition, the maintenance of self-image and status, and economic and political competition. Therefore, it is also important to note the various forms of prejudice, because it can be applied to numerous attributes, physical characteristics, beliefs, or anything perceived as different or threatening. Concerning this, sexism is a prevalent form of prejudice and is characterized as both, hostile and benevolent sexism. That is to say, the human male and female species are susceptible to stereotypes, mainly due to physical differences. Above all, the male species have always attempted to dominate women, by using their physical attributes and controlling the power and wealth in societies. However, this has not been limited only to antiquated civilizations or underdeveloped nations. In fact, in the U.S. women were given the equal right to vote only a hundred years ago, then, during WWII women in the U.S. were heavily relied upon and
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