Racism And Personal Identity By Anna Deavere Smith

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There has been always a belief that human races have distinctive characteristics that determine their respective cultures. In most cases, the idea that one 's race is superior and is assumed to provide the right to rule or dominate others. There is also the distinct personality in which people are concerned with the persisting entity to particular individuals. The theme of racism and personal identity are evidenced in the plays; Fires in the Mirror and Twilight: Los Angeles in various instances. In the two plays, offensive and aggressive behaviors are demonstrated to members of another race stemming from racism and the inferior belief of skin color. The issues of racial discrimination happen in the two plays, and some people are treated less fairly than others similar situation just because of their race, color, and ethnic origin. Anna Deavere Smith uses the play Fires in the Mirror to show the audiences different points of view, as well as, the opinions on the issue of the riot bases on two sides. Each section of the play is centered on a different theme, but all mergers to one theme of racism. Through the words through the different interviews, Anna explores how and why individuals signal their identities. She also explores how people perceive and also respond to other people different from themselves. According to Smith, Anna (page 3, 1993) and the introduction of the play, it is voiced that "My sense is that American character lives not in one place or the other."
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