Racism And Racism In America

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I knew that racism was still vey prevalent in the world, but prior to reading this article I did not realize it was such a big problem in health care today. This article discusses racism and the effects of the long-term stress that it causes. This is described by telling the story of the life of Shalon Irving, age 36, who worked at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. She was researching the high death rate of African American during pregnancy and child birth. The research discussed talks about the fact that the African American mothers are three to four times more likely to die than white mothers in the United States. They are also 243% more likely to die from complications due to childbirth than a white mother. This is comparable to statistic of mothers living in Mexico or Uzbekistan. Pregnant African Americans are less likely than a white mother to be insured when not pregnant, more likely to be obese, have diabetes, and more likely to be provided with prenatal care later that a white mother. Many examples of mothers throughout the United States with various medical complications were mentioned, and none of them received the care that they needed when they should have. The stress associated with racism and the fear of what they may encounter when trying to get medical help is constant and is something that they live with no matter what income level, education, or medical connections that they have are, because they discriminated against base on both race and

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